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environment data and
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Enviro Technologies was established in 2002 as an outcome of the dream of technocrat Ganpat Shinde to provide the best Process Data and Event Monitoring Solutions to the world. Committed to excellence, with an expert leader and a dedicated team, Enviro has covered multiple milestones in its steady journey towards success.


A quick guide on RH concept, importance and calculation

Differential Pressure

Environmental monitoring and data acquisitions

Control & Instrumentations

OEM Solutions For Precision Control
& Monitoring

software & ioT portals

Enviro Technologies Software & IoT Portals

Portable T / RH Indicators & Loggers


Enviro portable data loggers
01 Temperature / RH Sensors
Digital Temperature/Humidity sensor with long-term stability & precise accuracy
02 Real Time Values
Display of the current temperature & humidity value on LCD
03 Robust Durability
Compact design with IP52 protection
04 Ease of Use
Data transfer to the PC via USB base station
05 Data Storage
Large data storage upto 30,000 measurements
06 Clear & Crescent LCD
Impeccable LCD with visual alerts
07 Performance
Long battery life improves performance of the device
08 Astute Software
Easy configuration and analysis of measured data via enviroBASIC software

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research & development

Enviro automation, IoT, Electronics Instrumentation & Software

Committed to continuous innovation

Every core of Enviro’s R&D processes, has the common goal of improving efficiency. We take advantage of the rich expertise of our guiding leaders in automation, IoT, Electronics Instrumentation & Software to make feature rich products for Indian Situations while maintaining adaptability
for the future.

Quality & Certifications

Enviro ISO certifications

Quality, Credibility & Assurance

At Enviro, we have always followed rigorous Quality Management and Project Management practices. The quest for continuous process improvements and quality assurance has led us to be honored
with ISO certification.

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Enviro at trade exhibitions & industry events

Brand Exercise at its best

Enviro realizes the importance of continuous brand visibility and has made sure that we are abreast with all latest trade exhibitions, corporate meets and summits. This has led us to participate in known industry events where we have shown our mettle time and again.