Web based software

Web Based Environmental Monitoring Software


Web based software

Web Based Environmental Monitoring Software

Enviro’s web based software is suitable for continuous monitoring and recording of enviroDPMS, enviroSCAN for various parameters like temperature, humidity etc. It provides tamper proof files and encrypted electronic records, equipped within software that provides a spectrum of functionality including downloading, displaying, analyzing, reporting of data and 24*7 multistage alarm notification.
  • User configurable company credentials to create new one or search or delete existing one

  • Manage, create admins or super admins

  • Astute audit trails which keeps recording certain actions (such as who logged in and when) and storing this information in the form of a log

  • Parameter settings like SQL Connectivity, Device Service Details, Audit Trail Type

  • Set alarm ranges for particular channel for respective device

  • Location editing, User Information editing, Setting Hierarchy as per device and location

  • Equipment Device Channel Setting by their Device Name, Channel Name, Channel No, Set Value, High Band and Low Band.

  • Equipment wise channel Alarm report which generates the channel report as per Equipment

  • Device wise channel Alarm report of required time period

  • Rich MIS like Audit Trail, MKT, Device Wise Channel, Equipment Wise Channel, Device Wise Channel

  • Alarm, Equipment Wise Channel Alarm, Device Channel Info, Event