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Gps time clock

Enviro Technologies offers GPS based solution for precise & uniform timekeeping within a facility whether a manufacturing unit or critical laboratory. Within the range of GPS based clocks we also offer wireless & wired solutions for time synchronization. Taking the time signal from GPS satellites, the GPS master device transmits this over a wireless/wired link to all the slave clocks in range. These clocks may be used as accurate stand-alone time displays. They can also be synchronized so that all clocks display the same time.
  • Device synchronizes with up to Seconds by GPS, NT Server or by master clock.

  • 12/24 Hrs Time Format and can be set with short slide switch

  • Synchronizes from internal RTC in case of network failure and battery backup in case of power failure.

  • Ethernet network compatibility to integrate existing wired network, Support RS485 communication.

  • Accurate RTC clock with 2.3”& 4.0” super bright seven segment Red LED display

  • Synchronizes with Universal time (through server or GPS device ).

  • Master clock synchronization for slave devices and synchronization with PC for LAN devices.

Technical Information

Parameter Description
Display 2.3 inch / 4.0 inch LED 7 segment display.
Model 1: HH:MM; 2: HH:MM:SS; 3: HH:MM DD:MM:YY 4: HH:MM:SS DD:MM:YY
Accuracy ±1 seconds with respect to UTC/ or Synchronize to GPS as per model with accuracy should be ± 1 second.
Indication AM/PM LED Indication
Communication Ethernet / RS-485 Master Slave / GPS Master with slave (RS485 base) / GPS Master with slave Ethernet. Compatibility with MODBUS clock. (Required all register mapping)
Controller Power of ARM 32 bit controller
Time Format 24 Hrs Modes and 12 Hrs Mode. (Settable through Slide switch and protocol command and through menu as well).
Synchronization Mode NT Server / GPS master clock / Ethernet Master clock / RS
Environmental Ratings 0 - 50° C
  • 2.3inch display (315mm X 110mm X 45mm) Wall Mount
  • 2.3inch display (355mm X 110mm X 45mm) Flush Mount
  • 2.3 inch digit wall mount
  • 4 inch digit wall mount
Enclosure Material Back box MS powder coated OR SS304 material front plate (As Per order)
Operating Voltage 220VAC, 50 Hz 30 W / POE / 12VDC 1Amp

Wireless Digital Clocks Specifications

Power Supply 230V 50Hz
Time Source GPS Sync with time keeping Internal RTC
Communication interface RF Wireless/RS485
LED Indication AM/PM
Display Size 2.3”
Material SS-304
Protection Ip20
Mounting Wall & Flush Mount
GPS Antenna External 3 Meter