Pass Box Controller

  • Advance 32-bit Microcontroller Based System

  • User can configure settings using front membrane keypad

  • LED status indication for door, CFL, UV, blower and emergency

  • In-built UV and Blower interlocking feature along with door interlocking

  • In-built UV hour meter with UV life expire alert along with reset count functionality

  • Inbuilt Module for Differential pressure monitoring

  • External MODBUS based differential pressure display interface provision

  • Buzzer alarm for High DP & Low DP in case of dynamic pass box controller

  • Emergency Key on display interface

  • Standard MODBUS RTU protocol for further integration

Technical Information

Parameter Description
  • EPS-SA2-KXX-0XA (Static Passbox) 2 Doors.
  • EPS-DA2-K40-0XA (Dynamic Passbox) 2 Doors.
  • EPS-SA3-KXX-0XA (Static Passbox) 3 Doors.
  • EPS-DA3-K40-0XA (Dynamic Passbox) 3 Doors.
Type Advanced32bitMicrocontrollerbasedsystem.
  • 1. Static Pass Box.
  • 2. Dynamic Pass Box.
Max DoorCount 2 Doors/3 doors.
  • Audio: Buzzer.
  • Visual:16X2 Blue alphanumeric display and status LEDs.
  • 1. Universal Main Input voltage 110-230VAC/50Hz Single Phase Power Supply
  • 2 .Magnetic Door Sense Input for each door.
1. Relay Rating.
  • Potential free relay for switching of UV,CFL and Blower.
  • 5A@230VACPotential free Change Over Contacts.
2. Electricallife 1,00,000Operations.
3. EMLOutput 500mA/12VDC for driving single magnetic lock.
Communication: Standard MODBUSRTU protocol (optional)
1.Controller Size:204(L)x37(H)x108(W)mm Control Card.
2.DisplayModule Size:152(L)x51(H)x20(W)mm. Display Card.
3. Material:
a. Main Board MS, Powder coated.
b. Display module FrontSS-304 plate.
4.Mounting Flush Mount for Display &Wall Mount for Controller.
5. Operating
Temperature & Humidity.
  • Temperature 10°C to 50°C
  • Humidity 45% to 60% Rh.