Stability Chamber Solutions


Stability Chamber Solutions

ETS-DSU-GXXAXX (DSU + Display) unit is a new version of ETS-DSU 2.1 Hardware PC & Parallel Printer interface, where display is interfaced with ETS-DSU-GXXAXX on RS 485 internally. Display consists of 128X64 GLCD display and 4 programming keys which are used for programming of different display parameters, ETS-DSU-GXXAXX parameters and also to display the controller parameters. This display is connected internally on same RS485 cable on which controllers are connected.
  • Microcontroller based electronic device with dot-matrix printer and 1 PID controller interface

  • Records and monitors various parameters like temperature, humidity, LUX & UV

  • Equipped with safe & secure login/password mechanism

  • Database management with auto backup features at the same time data can be restored with user configurable database name with software

  • MIS like MKT, Reports, Graphs, Audit Trail report via software

  • Data of these parameters ultimately gets converted in encrypted electronic records through software

  • LED alarm indication; Memory Alarm Message

  • 128 X 64 alphanumeric graphical display

  • Transaction up to 4500 for 1 PID with 1 parameter

Technical Information

Parameter Description
Type Microcontroller based Electronic device with Printer and 1 PID controller Interface
Display 128 X 64 Alphanumeric Graphical display
  • Total 4 Keys
  • Function keys =>SEL, INC, DEC, ENT.
Transaction capacity
  • Up to max transaction for PID controller.
  • 1. 4500 for 1 PID controller
Power supply
  • 12VDC @ 2A
  • 12 watts
Communication Port RS 485 (PID Communication)
Printers supported EPSON LX-300+ (Dot Matrix)
Size 96x96mm
Weight 270gm
Keypad functions
Admin Login To Access the parameters of display unit
Display Mode To set display unique
Controller No. To set no. of PID Data to be display.
Print Control Different Print Controls settings.
Print Last Pages To Print old PROCESS data from ETS-DSU-GXXAXX page wise.
Print form Date To Print old PROCESS data from ETS-DSU-GXXAXX date wise.
Print Interval To set polling time in minutes on ETS-DSU-GXXAXX
Page Length To Set Page Length on ETS-DSU-GXXAXX
Set Decimal Point To Remove/Set Decimal point
Memory Used Status Display Memory Used Status.
Set Date Time Set Time and Date for unit.
Contrast Control Set contrast
Mem. Alarm Prog Programmable Memory Alarm for PC & Printer memory.
Set Stabilize Setting of stabilization period mode (Major stabilization and Minor stabilization (optional factory setting)
Alarm Acknowledged Acknowledged different alarms and stabilization(Optional Factory setting)
PID SELECTION Selects PID from given PIDs (PXF4, PXR4 and OMRON)
Back To Main This function used to exit the Menu with logoff.
PRINTER REMARKS Printer message.