Biosafety monitoring systems

Biosafety monitoring systems

Biosafety monitoring systems

Enviro’s ETS-BSS-GXX is a pioneering BSS Monitoring and Alarm System developed to ensure the safety of users working in pharmaceutical and biological safety cabinets. Boasting a simple, yet intuitive, user interface that has been optimized for user experience, the ETS-BSS-GXX Series is easy to navigate and features simple on-screen prompts to guide end users.
ETS-BSS-GXX unit is a Microcontroller based Electronic BSS system which consist of front panel sticker with 128X64 Graphical Display, Main board and Relay board. Front (Human interface board) panel consist of 5 Nos. LEDs ALARM, BLOWER, LIGHT, SWITCH, UV and four Programmable keys MENU, UP, DOWN, SET/DIAGNOSTIC. Total 8 programming Keys which are used for programming of different parameters and operating LIGHT, BLOWER, SWITCH and UV.
  • Advanced Micro-controller based

  • 128 x 64 G-LCD display

  • Four Soft Touch: ON/OFF Action Key for Blower, UV, Lamp & Socket

  • 3 Digital Reed Input for SASH window status indication

  • Inbuilt UV hour meter with reset option

  • User programmable system with password protected menu

  • Blower Air-Flow Monitoring in m/s or fpm for inlet & outlet blower

  • Temperature, Inlet/Outlet Airflow Monitoring

  • PC connectivity with RS-485 output for system status

Technical Information

Specifications Description
Type Microcontroller Based Electronic Enviro Bio Safety System
Range 0-1m/s (depends on sensor) 0-5V output for 0-1m/s & 0 to 99.9 Deg C
Control resolution 0.01 m/sec ; 0.1 Deg C
Relay Output 4 Relay output Blower,Light,Socket, UV
COM port RS 485 with Periodic System Status
SASH Alarm Yes with alarm repeat
Horn Silence Yes
Display & LED
  • 128 X 64 Graphical LCD Display
  • Led Indication => ALARM, BLOWER, LIGHT, SWITCH, UV
  • Total 8 Keys
  • Function Keys => BLOWER, LIGHT, SWITCH, UV
Analog I/Ps
  • Total 3 Analog I/Ps
  • 1. 1st Channel:- RTD PT100 Sensor (0.0°C to 99.9°C)
  • 2. 2nd Channel:-Air Flow Sensor (0 to 5VDC) Range 0 to 1m/s
  • 3. 3rd Channel:-Air Flow Sensor (0 to 5VDC) Range 0 to 1m/s
Digital Inputs
  • Total 3 Magnetic Reed Switch Inputs
  • 1. Input1 : Reed Switch (CLOSED)
  • 2. Input2 : Reed Switch (READY TO USE)
  • 3. Input2 : Reed Switch (OPEN)
Potential Free Outputs
  • Total 4 Potential Free Outputs With Contact Rating Of 5Amp Protected By 5Amp Fuse.
  • 1. Relay1: BLOWER
  • 2. Relay2: LIGHT
  • 3. Relay3: SWITCH
  • 4. Relay4: UV
Power Supply
  • 1) 12VDC @ 1Amp/50Hz For Mother Board
  • 2) 12VDC @ 1Amp/50Hz For Relay Board
Mounting Fully Flush