Data Center Industry

Server Room &
Data Center Environmental monitoring

High-accuracy data loggers & integrated systems suited for server room or Data Center Closet temperature monitoring are the need of hour. Each server rack is vital to a data center’s operations, so server room temperature monitoring for this invaluable equipment isn’t optional; it’s necessary. Without environmental monitoring, businesses often suffer data loss or permanent damage to their server storage room equipment due to high temperatures, extreme humidity levels, and water leakage. Safe humidity levels range from 40-60% RH, lower levels can cause static electricity buildup and high levels will eventually corrode the equipment, resulting in permanent damage. Water leakage is another serious risk to server rooms & data centers, entering through leaking AC systems, water pipes, and leaks in roofs and floors. To protect server racks with automated monitoring and alarming, Enviro Technologies has Portable Data Loggers that continually monitor for humidity & temperature in server room environment while network enabled integrated rack mounted consoles can monitor for critical environment factors, access & water leakage at rack level as well. These systems form a complete server room monitoring system and trigger alarms in time to save vital equipment.