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Food Cold Storage Solutions

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to cold storage is maintaining the right temperature. Mainly used for food, pharmaceuticals and other perishable items, keeping the temperature constant is not only essential for the product but will also keep running costs to a minimum. Condenser failure, refrigerated air escaping unmanned doors or crevices and unclean evaporator coils are main reasons that lead to fluctuation in cold storage temperature. The best way to ensure that you maintain the required minimum temperature is to have intelligent systems in place, which monitor any instability in environment parameters of your cold storage facility and alerts you immediately. Enviro technologies supersedes in the required technology essential for monitoring temperature and humidity of your cold storage facility with multi-channel logger – enviroSCAN and not to mention enviroUNISOFT – our web based environmental monitoring software.


Food Supply Transit Solutions

Continuous temperature monitoring of perishable food products during local transit is of vital importance to ensure the quality of temperature sensitive products like fish, poultry, meat, chocolates, dairy products, fruits & vegetables etc. Also In-transit recording of temperature is of prime importance for specific agro-produce & majority sea­ food. In both cases, monitoring takes important precedence of which data has to be obtained at the receiving end. Enviro’s Portable Data logger – enviLOG & PDF based Data logger – SUDL518 are specifically made for serving this need of food industry which are operating businesses through export consignments as well as long distance domestic shipments.


Retail Solutions

Continuous temperature logging eliminates manual temperature checks & paper logs to simplify compliance with many regulations. Maintaining precise temperatures in appliances like deep chest ice cream freezers, beverage coolers, and multi-deck display cases is essential to ensure accuracy and for compliance with the stringent food safety requirements in addition to maintaining a detailed record. Air conditioning is required for both customer comfort and proper operation of the refrigerated display cases. All these applications therefore revolve around the factor in temperature which in turn is a major expenditure for any retail outlets energy consumption. Enviro's various solutions from portable data loggers to compact multi-channel loggers combat the temperature escalations of retail outlets and helps retailers reduce their energy bills which in turn also helps in minimizing there carbon foot-print a term which is prevalent in today’s environment friendly era.


Multi location Transit Operations

Time & Temperature Regulation in Food Cold Chain is a significant challenge for an efficient cold chain to maintain the different requirements of perishable food product categories like dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables, fresh-cut fruits, fresh-cut vegetables, meat and meat products, seafood and fish. To maximize shelf-life and commercial potential, different optimal temperature ranges are included (ambient = 15°C to 20°C; cool = 2°c to 15°C; cold = -9°C to 2°C; and frozen s; -10°C) (IATA2009). According to a report by International Institute of refrigeration, food losses (all products) in developing countries like India is more than 28%. Out of these fruits & vegetables loss is 40% and that of other perishable foods is 23%. These figures clearly demonstrate the need of a high-performance cold chain monitoring solutions in a country equating with lower post-harvest losses. Enviro’s solutions like portable data logger with GPRS/GSM, PDF based data logger effectively tackles the fluctuating temperature problems in cold chain transit.


software solution

EnviroCLOUD Software

  • enviroCLOUD software is a web application designed for multi-location application
  • Dashboards are easy to read, user friendly interface, which shows a graphical presentation of the current status and historical trends of key performance indicators to enable informed decisions
  • Auto downloading data using PUSH technology
  • Rich MIS reports & graphs for analysis eg. MKT, TTI
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Features and designed as per its guidelines (eg. User level Password Policy, Database SQL & GUI (both) support audit trail (It keeps the track while modifying the Setup Settings, Application auto log-off, Electronic signature)
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