Web scheduler


Web scheduler

enviroWEB Scheduler Software is useful for creating test schedules for pharmaceutical products, for capacity planning, dynamic automation of testing up to archiving and evaluation of the samples kept inside the stability chambers. With the growing need of improved systems, pharmaceutical companies are facing increased requirement for documentation. The cost cutting measures are forcing them to move to technologically advanced electronic systems that can gear to a specific applications.
  • Information about all product, batches, schedules and calendar to getting easy information about schedules and other parameters

  • User can create employee with functional role like preparer,approver, reviewer. Etc

  • Add, update and Disable the System Users & can add multiple locations with roles.

  • Configure Duration for Creating schedules. Add, update and Disable the chamber also create a helf to particular chambers.

  • Manage Test Periods with duration and intervals.

  • Create SOP’s with downloadable feature

  • Generate specific attribute value for product or disable the same as required.