10 ways a data logger can save you money


What is a Data Logger?

Data loggers are portable, battery-operated devices that enable us to record, gather and keep track of the data over a period of time (for example, temperature, voltage, etc.). They uninterruptedly record data concerning the location either using an instrument incorporated internally or through an external linkage. A few data loggers display data directed through the software on the PC, while other data loggers can directly connect others to a device.

Data loggers are the most acceptable way to document temperature, humidity, current/voltage and many other data types. There is a varied range of options available based on the requirement. There are portable data loggers to record humidity and temperature like enviLOG-PDL, whereas multi-channel scanners and data loggers connect to multiple channels, such as enviroSCAN.

Typically, the data loggers monitor the temperature in cold chain warehouses, where the vital medicines and vaccines are stored and thus assist you in your good distribution practices. However, they can also track the data from machines for diagnostic purposes or detect energy savings areas.

Data loggers provide a more effective way to reduce the time spent by the assigned workforce to take readings and record measurements manually. Furthermore, they also offer to alert the staff about any discrepancies in the measurements.

How Can Data Loggers Save You Money?

1. Data Logger removes the cost of expert personnel

Data loggers are handy devices that can be installed whenever and wherever required by companies to track various environmental factors. Therefore, data loggers can collect the data without the use of expert personnel. Data loggers prove to be beneficial as they save the cost of the workforce. Consequently, the data logger does most of the work to monitor and keep a record of the data.

The personnel are free to focus on the other tasks. They act as a substitute to the employees and consequently reduce the time spent by an employee to be actively engaged in recording data. If an organization has many locations, the person in charge might have to visit these sites to take readings, but data loggers make this process easy as they can be installed in all the locations. Thus, it saves time and money. At the same time, they contribute to employees by increasing proficiency, productivity, and quality.

2. Data Logger reduces errors

Before data loggers, the data was recorded and maintained by an expert person. There was a higher chance of human error in recording the data. Thus, data loggers enable recording and tracking data electronically as the chances of errors and data loss are significantly reduced.

3. Data Loggers simplifies analysis

The data is stored in the data loggers is in a computerized format. It helps data to be easily accessible, and authorized persons can directly use it in other programs. It overcomes the disadvantage of manually entering the data into the computer. Therefore, data loggers can analyze the data, and they can reduce further processing costs.

4. Data Loggers allows you to save money on-site visit for monitoring

Data loggers have transmission capacity that works as an added advantage to monitor the data statistics associated with the environmental factors from anywhere. Wireless data loggers effortlessly permit you to retrieve and keep track of information using the internet. Therefore, the need to visit multiple business locations to record environmental factors like humidity, temperature, etc., is eliminated. The cost of travelling from one place to another for collecting and monitoring data is nullified. Consequently, it allows you to save money on on-site visits for monitoring.

5. Data Loggers brings down the cost of wastage

Data loggers are standard across a varied range of industries. One of the examples is cold chain supply logistics. There is a dire need for appropriate temperature maintenance in the storage and during product transportation in cold chain logistics. However, when the temperature is not adequately monitored or maintained, it leads to a considerable loss of money and products for the businesses. It impacts the brand identity and integrity, thus compromising the trust of the customers.

The use of a data logger goes a long way to guarantee that the temperature is maintained correctly as required. It can be used in the warehouses where the product is stored, allowing to preserve the quality of the product. In conclusion, there is a reduction in the wastage of the product, and a vast amount of money is saved by the installation of data loggers.

For example, SUDL - 518 is an ideal solution for recording time-temperature data in transit. This innovative temperature recorder has a miniature size less than a bank card format. While sending the goods, SUDL – 518 can be included in the packaging along with the product. The device will store the ambient temperature data in its memory. The recipient can quickly check the mode of transport by simply connecting the sensor to the computer via the built-in USB connector.

6. Data Logger allows you to save money on multiple types of machinery

In the multiple-channel facility, the data loggers help keep track of the data from various channels simultaneously. Therefore, just one device can perform the function of multiple instruments to record different information on a particular location.

Moreover, numerous channels enable up to a total of 24 channels for noting or examining data. In turn, multi-channel data loggers pull down the cost of multiple types of machinery as they let you keep and store records of diverse data simultaneously using this device. In turn, it cuts down the price by a significant margin.

7. Data Logger allows you to save money on additional data security

Data obtained from the data logger is sometimes subject to complete confidentiality and security. To keep the data secured, the best option is to go paperless. The data stores in the data loggers are safe from cyber threats that might affect other operating systems. It means it ensures that the data is entirely safe as well as secure. The additional cost of ensuring the safety of the data is minimized. Thus, the extra cost to protect sensitive information is saved.

Data loggers also promote saving costs across the subsequent minor avenues like saving the cost on double reading, allows free up-gradation of firmware, has long battery life and backup, and a vast amount of space availability in internal memory.

8. Data Logger allows real-time alerts and notifications

Data loggers provide direct readings with alerts and notifications set when discrepancies in the environmental condition cross the required threshold. The software installed on the computer or other devices enables users to get real-time data information. Instant alert notifications with alarm outputs can help overcome potential problems before product loss occurs. Compact data loggers also consist of loud and visible alarms to avoid deviations.

9. Data Logger allows reducing energy cost

Data loggers can also monitor the usage of energy. They note appropriate goals for energy conservation to decrease energy costs. For example, devices like motors, pumps, air compressors, and lighting are significant appliances for possible cost savings.

10. Data Loggers enable easy data retrieval

Data loggers usually have an inbuilt memory to save the data recorded. They also use memory cards or flash drives for easy data retrieval. The advanced models can automatically transfer the data to other instruments like USB, ethernet, cellular modem, Bluetooth and cloud storage servers.

A few examples of data loggers

enviLOG-PDL is a compact and portable temperature and humidity data logger that provides a digital temperature and humidity sensor with long-term stability. The current temperature and humidity values are displayed on the screen with visual alerts. It offers to transfer data to the PC via a USB base station with ample storage up to 29,000 measurements. It has an appropriately long battery life and comes with audio and visual alarms.

SUDL - 518 is a compact, waterproof single-use data logger that records temperature data during transportation. The device stores the ambient temperature data in its memory. The recipient can quickly check the mode of transport by simply connecting the sensor to the computer via the built-in USB connector. It is an ideal device for refrigerated transportation. It automatically generates reports in PDF format. Therefore, there is no requirement for software. It consists of an alarm indicator with a flashing LED.

enviroSCAN is a device that monitors real-time temperature and humidity, especially for multi-location pharma warehouses in the cold chain. If either the temperature or the RH starts deviating from the range or limits set by you in any warehouse or chamber, you will get the news via an SMS Alert and an email for you to take action. The equipment name tagging feature enables you to identify the exact area or location in any of the warehouses in your network.


Overall, there are many substantial benefits from the use of data loggers. These miniature devices can significantly affect a company’s savings, from reducing errors to data efficiency.

Data loggers provide a straightforward and flexible way to save money. It undoubtedly offers a massive advantage for the business.

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