How door interlocking system works ?

door interlocking system

It's 2021. Everything is automated. From complex technical procedures to auto-driving cars, innovation has taken over. Automation has also put its foot into how doors function. The door interlocking system is one of the most secure methods of access control available to security managers.

Let us have a detailed look at what a door interlocking system means. In its simplest form, an interlocking system is composed of two doors that are electronically connected so one cannot open until the other has closed. Using biometric identification or face recognition technology, you enter the first door which must close behind you before the second door opens and allows you to pass through.

Interlocking doors provide one of the highest levels of security, entrance control and access management available. As well as intrusion protection, they can also offer first-class physical protection with resistance against ballistic and blast attacks.

How does a door interlocking system work?

A door interlocking system works like a booth. Using identification, you enter the first door which must close behind you before the second door opens and allows you to pass through.

This interlocking system is particularly effective at preventing piggybacking and tailgating actions. Piggybacking and tailgating are attempts to enter a restricted area by following closely behind someone with the correct authorisation.

Interlocking doors are particularly effective at stopping piggybacking or tailgating. They can be:

  • installed a piggybacking detection system which allows blocking the passage when more than one person has entered into the "mantrap" (i.e. also when a person take another person on their arms)
  • installed a tailgating detection system that blocks any attempts to enter a restricted area by following closely behind someone with the correct authorisation

The metal detector system is effective at detecting dangerous weapons’ passage.

Benefits of door interlocking system

There are many advantages of door interlocking systems over traditional mechanical door locks. Some of these include programmable security clearances, automatic door lock/unlock scheduling and centralized management.

Door interlocking systems have the ability to use the ACS for many different sequential or concurrent schedules. The entry doors may be unlocked automatically during business hours and locked back at closing time.

During the holiday period, a schedule can be set up and activated on the date to lock the building until the next scheduled opening arrives. The schedules also can be set up in-depth to allow or deny individuals or groups access to secure areas during a set of predetermined times. Each secure area can have its own schedule or a group of doors may utilize the same scheduling.

Here are some important benefits of door interlocking system:

  • Automated doors are particularly suitable for areas with high volumes of traffic, as they reduce contamination by removing the need to touch the door surface.
  • Automated doors sustain less damage and wear from trolleys and other aggressive traffic, thereby increasing the life of the doors and reducing maintenance costs.
  • In controlled environments, particularly where rooms are operating under air pressure, using interlocks will provide a smooth effortless operation.
  • Interlocking doors provide one of the highest levels of entrance control and access management available which is critical for controlled environments like banks and offices.
  • It provides intrusion protection as it is resistant to ballistic and blast attacks.
  • Interlocking doors are often fitted with a range of different detection systems which enable them to detect and prevent multiple and unauthorised entries.
  • Interlocking doors are ideal for use in cleanrooms from pharmaceutical and food manufacturing to microelectronics and aviation industries.

Enviro Technologies has enviroDIS , a door Interlocking facility with an in-built software so that the commissioning engineer can configure the door logic on-site very conveniently, without using the Computer/ Laptop.

The enviroDIS offers varied options from 2 Door to up to 8 door interlocking solutions with a) 2 Door DIS (for 2 Door interlocking) b) 4 Door Master DIS (for up to 4 Doors Interlocking) c) 4 Door Master DIS + 4 Door Slave DIS (for Up to 8 Doors Interlocking) d) External centralized emergency switch to open all doors at the time of emergency.

Whether you need a door interlocking system at a commercial or residential space, just contact Enviro Technologies and we will take care of it.


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